Friday, 2 April 2010

Apple of Temptation !

Those lucky Americans get their hands on the iPad officially tomorrow. Unless we've done a Bundlebox or similar, however, us poor UK saps still have no pricing, no launch date, and currently no light at the end of the tunnel - other than a vague rumour that April 24th is what Apple store employees have been told is a "blackout day" (at least in Canada) i.e. no time off on that day. We are tantalised with the idea that this may mean "something big" is afoot on that day, possibility internationally, for Apple stores. And what would be the biggest thing right now for Apple stores ? Guesses two and three are not needed. ;)

Two or so months on from the announcement of the iPad, and I have come to the conclusion (through various sources) that:
a) I am not going to be able to tether my iPhone 3GS to it, unless I jailbreak my iPhone. Not keen. So no 3G for me unless something radical happens in the pricing and data plan pricing department fairly soon.
b) The possibilities for making music with the iPad loom very large. Currently I have changed my performance workflow to substitute my iPhone 3GS plus a SendStation PocketDock for my ageing and often truculent Macbook Pro, along with an excellent app on the iPhone called MultiTrack. I can only slaver in anticipation as to what this app and others of its ilk will be like on the iPad, whether that be with iPad specific versions or not. Bigger screen equals better visibility for me, and more finger space thus more (for me) accuracy in hitting the controls you actually want.
c) Some of the iPad specific apps I have heard of weigh in a 1GB or more. Not all of them will be like this, but you can bet the music making apps with sound libraries may.

So - I am wondering now whether a 32GB version might be a better fit for me. However, I really can't tell because I don't know how much any of them will cost, and ultimately, cost is going to be the deciding factor for this fan girl. Come on Apple ! Throw us a bone, here ? I don't want to be have to resort to the grey import market, do I ? But I am sorely tempted due to the lack of UK love from Apple right now, I can tell you.

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