Thursday, 14 April 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day Seventeen - The last song in your mp3 folder ZZ Top's "Rough Boy." For me, a song associated with teenage love affairs. It's one of the few songs I have ever requested and had played on a radio station (Radio Broadland, on a Sunday morning, way back when I was a hormonal schoolgirl.) The object of my dedication didn't even know about it as I recall. Aaaw. ;)

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  1. ...and there you were hoping they were listening in, thinking of you like you were thinking of them. The next day you'd see them and... Yeah, right. That always worked out for me too.
    I've always liked this song, probably because of the video. When I'm feeling worn down by life I need to go someplace like this, and have all the awfulness washed lovingly away by some sort of grotesque-burlesque carwash.
    This was the followup video to "Sleeping Bag" which was where ZZ-Top pretty much jumped the shark with their image IMHO. They literally killed the trademark car and resurrected it as a space-shuttle. "Ooops!" doesn't cover it. A shame really as the tracks on "Afterburner" weren't half bad as I recall. Last heard them all on a Sony Walkman mind!