Monday, 20 April 2009

The dog and bone...

I got a call from Guide Dogs this evening. I have been on the waiting list for a dog for over a year so I could hardly speak, I was so stunned.
Somehow I knew it was them when the phone rang - that might sound like a load of old squit but it's true, however it might sound.
It was an instructor I haven't met before, telling me he thinks (thinks ! argh !) he has a dog for me who would be ready to train with me in the middle of June this year.

A quick background summary - I have been visually impaired for thirteen years. I am registered blind with only vague light perception in my left eye and no central vision in the right, due to myopic macular degeneration, and cataracts. My S.O. has a guide dog, and when we met two years ago I realised that I should stop hiding away indoors, ditch the stick (which I am totally rubbish with) and get on the list for a dog who can legally crap in the street and go into restaurants !
I have a pet dog, a GSD called Jalen, who I adore, and my bf's dog, Otto, gets on famously with him. They adore each other - and we adore them.

So - back to the phone call. The instructor says he has a flat coated retriever cross lab girl who could be right for me. He picked her up with me in mind, and after asking me a few questions and telling me abit about her, he said he'd let me know if she was going to work out for me as soon as he could. 
Until he calls back and says yey or nay for sure I hardly dare get my hopes up or reveal too much about her - as for all I know he could be thinking of another candidate for her if she doesn't train up for me, and I wouldn't want to be indiscreet about her if that were so. But from what he said, I am top of the list for her, so fingers crossed.

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