Saturday, 25 April 2009

Singing ...

I had my first one to one singing lesson today. I've been singing on and off for years, more for pleasure in casual groups and choirs than for any other reason, but this year my bf and I are organising a Christmas 'do' for our local blind bugger's social club, where the acoustic guitar and vocals group that we are in will be performing. Along with a-capella vocal group that I am also in. 
The guitar / vocal thing has five members at the moment, and all of us are visually impaired except one.
Somehow I have ended up running the group (they seem to like it that way, but give them time, I'm sure the novelty will wear off !), which means teaching parts to the other singers, deciding which songs we sing, and all manner of other stuff. So I figured I better have some lessons - as I can hardly look crap myself with that responsibility to shoulder can I ? ;)

I was put off singing at a young age, despite liking it and having some talent in that direction, - largely thanks to my mother, who told me in no uncertain terms, when I asked for singing lessons not keyboard lessons; "I've heard you sing, you're no good." Cheers mum, - that followed me around for some years like a sad little tail ! 
However I'm big enough and ugly enough to make my own decisions now so singing lessons for me it is. 
My teacher, Jenny, is an old family friend who has threatened to remonstrate firmly with my mum for destroying my confidence when she sees her next - her opinion is that I can sing, I just can't breathe as a singer ! I knew this was my main problem, which is why I asked her to give me lessons as she comes highly recommended.
I spent the afternoon being taught to breathe from my stomach not my chest, and feeling quite light headed as a result. This is not unusual I'm told - and as a head rush it beats drugs or drink, and is acceptable to do in public. ;)
None of the whining and wailing I was doing could have been too bad, as Otto fell asleep on the floor and my bf didn't run from the room with his hands over his ears.
I'm back in a fortnight for more.

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