Wednesday, 30 March 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day Fifteen ... A song you liked in high school

I'd say all of the songs I liked in high school I still like. I might have gone off the boil for some of them but I still like them.
When I were but a teenage bimbet I was listening to Mike Oldfield, Sky, Queen and Long John Baldry. Probably not the usual teenage taste of the time. However, I wasn't above a bit of rampant musical commercialism either (anyone who thinks or says they are is a liar who is trying too hard to be cool or interesting, in my experience) and I remember really liking Billy Idol's version of "Mony Mony". And I still do. He may be a bit of a prick now and then but he done some good'uns and you can't argue with his sales figures. Particularly, IMHO, the live version of this, a big hit in 1987 when I was fifteen. This is the official video which doesn't feature the audience participation that has become a tradition at Billy's concerts. ;)


  1. Hello! Haven't been in comms for literally years and years - we used to chat about phones and stuff on usenet (I was agentmark at the time I think). Wondered what happened to you, Badrats led me here....

    Billy Idol was always a bad influence on me simply for coining the phrase "So let's sink another drink / 'cause it'll give me time to think.". Thirty years of hangovers later I figured Billy wasn't actually a real neuroscientist.

    I see life is still giving you stick, which is bad, but you still manage to rock, so that's good. Some important things have come together there, you're in a band, got a fiance and even an iPhone!
    My kids are growing fast (one hits the teens next year - woot), wife gone blonde, I've gone grey. Still wasting time mucking about with tech. The Dreadnought of life moves on...
    Take care gal, Mark x

  2. Dude ! Great to hear from you after all this time. How the devil are you ??
    It was really nice to find your comment - this is the sort of blast from the past I welcome. You on teh facebook ? x

  3. Wow! It's good to hear from you too. How nice!
    Ah, facebook - well, sort of. I lost the will to post there in January, far too many of my relatives had found me. Now when I log in it's like I've walked into some awkward family get-together where nobody has had the decency to die or get born an integer number of years previously. Maybe I need to activate my "Masuka Dan" profile and stay incognito this time?
    Yes, maybe facebook. I'll drop you my details a bit later, got to go stop my car getting clamped now. Brill to hear from you!

  4. Well I've surfaced on facebook again but you're not immediately findable (good work). Can you mail me and I'll friend you up? I'm masukadan at a popular google-based mail service. See you soon!